St. Patrick’s Day Circle Time Games That Teach™️


9 circle time games for your St. Patrick’s Day theme that cover letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and more!


Keeping your students engaged during circle time is HARD! Fitting in everything you have to teach is even harder. I used to get beyond frustrated with the way my circle time would go, so I decided to do something about it! I started creating and using Circle Time Games That Teach™, and it changed EVERYTHING! My circle time went from boring and mundane to engaging and fun. If you aren’t using these games during your circle time, here’s why you need to start:

⭐ Preschoolers NEED to play.
⭐ Preschoolers NEED to move, talk, and sing.
⭐ YOU need easy-to-prep circle time activities that WORK!

When you add these games into your circle time routine, you will be amazed at how engaged your students are. They will have SO much fun playing the game, they won’t even realize they are LEARNING!

This set includes 9 different games that you can use with your St. Patrick’s Day theme! Here’s what you’re getting when you purchase these St. Patrick’s Day Circle Time Games That Teach™:

✅ 3 alphabet games
✅ 3 math games
✅ 3 games for positional words, colors, and shapes
✅ Full directions for each game
✅ Color and black & white versions


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