School Task Boxes


20 different task box activities for preschool and kindergarten that include letters, numbers, colors, fine motor skills, and more!


Task boxes (or busy boxes) as I like to call them, are a fantastic way to give your preschool kids an opportunity to practice skills you’ve taught them in class with activities that are fun and engaging during independent work times. They are SO easy to prep and use during centers, stations, or transition times!

Save even more $$$ when you buy my giant bundle of busy boxes for the entire year!

This busy box bundle is just what you need to use for small group work or as an independent activity! It contains 20 different busy box activities! Your kiddos will love to use them to practice letters, numbers, counting, colors, and more! Here’s what’s included:

✅ Letters
✅ Numbers
✅ Counting
✅ Colors
✅ Shapes
✅ Fine Motor Skills
✅ and MORE!!


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