Circle Time Made Simple™️

Planning & managing your circle time has never been easier!

Circle Time Made Simple™️ gives you everything you need to make your circle time fun and engaging!

Keeping your students engaged during circle time is H-A-R-D! Those little bodies just want to move, talk, and play CONSTANTLY! I used to get beyond frustrated with the way my circle time would go, so I decided to do something about it. I started creating and using Circle Time Made Simple™, and it changed EVERYTHING!

My circle time went from boring and mundane to engaging and fun. My unique combination of routines, management tools, and games gave me a formula I could follow that got my students engaged and KEPT them that way!

Preschoolers need predictable routines they can count on every single day. Using routines like a linear calendar and a question of the day will give them just that!

Managing your circle time is a breeze when you use my transitions, attention getters, songs, and fingerplays that are included in The Circle Time Toolbox™️.

Maximize your teaching time, increase student engagement, and harness the power of play with Circle Time Games That Teach™️.

You need Circle Time Made Simple™️ if...

Your circle time routine has gotten boring and mundane.

Your kids get restless and antsy during circle time.

You struggle to fit in everything you need to teach. There’s never enough time.

You need a simple way to plan and manage your circle time.

Preschool students thrive on routines! That’s why they are a critical component of Circle Time Made Simple™️. I’ve included my favorite routines that I simply could not live without! Daily routines like a linear calendar, question of the day, and visual schedule are circle time must-haves!

Telling preschool students what to do and expecting them to jump to attention just doesn’t work! But using active transitions, attention getters, songs, and fingerplays does! Your kiddos will join right in each time you start to use one of the tools I’ve included in the Circle Time Toolbox™️, and before you know it they’ll be listening and ready to learn!

Play IS the work of childhood, and using that to your advantage during circle time is a MUST! Using games to teach literacy, math, and basic skills will take your circle time to a whole new level. Plus, it will be fun and engaging for your kids AND for you!

Want to see the  5-step framework that transformed my circle time? My FREE planning guide walks you through each step so you know how and what to plan so that your circle time is fun and engaging!

Change the way you look at circle time by learning my process for planning circle times using strategies that get and KEEP my students engaged and learning!