Snowman Names

Snowman Names Busy Box

Winter is here! Well… in most parts of the country it is. Here in north Texas, the weather is much more like April than January. But, I am NOT complaining about that! I like winter themes MUCH better than winter itself! And I really love snowmen! They are so adorable,

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Mittens Fine Motor Activities

Fine motor skills are SO important in preschool and kindergarten! Those little muscles in your kiddos’ hands are going to help them do all kinds of different things: button, tie, zip, grab, write, color, eat, cut, floss… This list is never-ending! In preschool, one of our jobs is to give

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10 Christmas busy Boxes

10 Christmas Busy Boxes

What do you do with your kiddos during those pesky transition times? Arrival time, transitions between activities, waiting to line up, waiting to use the restroom, waiting to wash their hands. These are the times that can drive a teacher BANANAS!!! Am I right?? That’s exactly why I love, love,

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10 Books About Winter

Best Winter Books for Pre-K

I’m totally a summer girl at heart! But… when it comes to classroom themes, winter is one of my favorites! I love anything and everything that has to do with mittens, snowmen, hot chocolate, winter weather… I love it all! So, of course, I have a list of my favorite

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Mittens Theme Ideas & Activities

Mittens, Mittens, Everywhere!

January is the perfect time to start a mitten theme! I love all the different mitten activities during circle time, story time, and centers! My favorite way to do a mittens theme is to center it around “The Mitten” by Jan Brett. If you’ve never shared this book with your

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