Back-to-school time is here! And, every teacher on the planet is wondering how in the world they are going to get it all done. When your kiddos hit your door, you need simple things they can do right away, and busy boxes are the perfect way to make that happen. These back-to-school themed busy boxes are ready to print and use. You can get them ready in no time, and your kiddos will love them! (HINT: You can also use them as busy bags, quiet time bins, morning tubs, table activities, or center activities. They are very versatile!) Let me show you a few of my favorites!


School Task Box #1: Letter Tracing

Just print, cut, and laminate these letter-tracing cards and they are ready to use! Add some dry erase markers, and you’re all set! Click HERE to find out my favorite erasers to use with these. Spoiler alert: I use pom poms as erasers!

letter tracing cards


School Task Box #2: Number Tracing

number tracing cards

The prep for this number tracing busy box is exactly the same as the letter tracing activity. Just print, laminate, cut, and use. Pro tip: laminate before you cut so you only have to cut once! Want to know where I get the fun boxes to hold the activities? They are from Amazon, and you can grab your HERE.


School Task Box #3: Crayon-Themed Counting

Counting ten frames

This counting busy box is easy to prep and fun to use! First, you’ll need to decide if you want the set with empty ten frames or the set with picture support. (This entirely depends on your kids and what they need.) After you print, cut, and laminate the cards, you’ll just need to decide what counters you want you kiddos to use. I love these mini-erasers because they’re so colorful. But you can also use beans, blocks, pom poms, beads… Really anything you have on hand that will fit on the ten frames will work!


School Task Box #4: Color Sorting

color sorting cards

Sorting activities are always a hit at the beginning of the year, and your kids will love to use these cute school supply images to work on their colors and sorting skills. Eleven different colors are included, so you can make this as simple or as challenging as you want it to be.


School Task Box #5: Spin & Smash

spin and smash letter cards

This task box is always a favorite! You’ll need to get some transparent spinners and Play-Doh to use with this one. Your kids will spin the spinner, find the matching letter on their card, and smash the ball of play dough. Once they’ve smashed all the play dough, they can choose a different letter and play again!


School Task Box #6: Letter Punch

letter punch cards

This busy box doesn’t even have to be laminated! Just print and cut the letters you want your kiddos working on, add a hole punch, and you’re ready to go. You can choose between matching lowercase letters, uppercase letters, or lowercase and uppercase letters. Pro tip:  printing it on colored paper always adds a little bit of fun to it.


School Task Box #7: Crayon Names

crayon names

OK… I had to save the best for last. How adorable is this name building activity??? Now, this one does take a little more time to cut, but trust me. It is worth it! Your kids will have a blast using the crayons to spell their own names and their friends’ names. The crayon boxes are ready for you to type and print. Bonus tip: Turn this into a craft by printing it on paper and skipping the lamination!


School Task Boxes Bundle

School Task Boxes cover image

Those are only 7 of the 20 different task box activities included in this set. The full set includes activities for letters, numbers, counting, colors, shapes, fine motor skills, and so much more! Just click the button to go check it out!

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