Circle time is one of my VERY favorite things! (This is no surprise to you at all if you’ve followed me for any length of time!) I’m always looking for new ways to keep it fun and engaging while tons of learning is going on at the same time! These community helpers songs do just that! I wrote these two songs (and created correlating activities) to help you teach your kiddos about community helpers. The best part is that they will just think they are having fun singing songs! And, here’s a little hint… Read all the way to the end to find out how to get one of them for FREE!


Ten Little Helpers

Community Helpers Songs

This first one is perfect for getting your kiddos counting (forwards AND backwards) while they’re singing! The catchy tune will stick in their little heads all day long too! I love to get the kiddos involved in this one by choosing ten of them to stand up be counted while we sing. You can give them giant number cards to hold if you want to add a visual element to it as well!

I also love incorporating the pocket chart with circle time songs and games so that the activities can transition into centers with kiddos doing them independently! So, with this song, I also use cards with the numbers and/or number words (depending on the group of kids) in the pocket chart while we’re singing or as a follow up activity. They can sequence the numbers, match the numbers to the number words, or tell you which number is missing!


Who Do You See?

Community Helpers Songs

This fun song will help you teach your kiddos about the jobs that different community helpers do. What I love about this one is that you can extend it by letting your kiddos use what they know about community helpers to create new verses! This one is also perfect for transitioning into a writing activity! I love to have visuals with this song too, so there are community helper cards to go with it!

Get Your Own Set!

OK… I promised that if you read through the post, I’d tell you how to get one of these for FREE! So… here it is! They are both available in my Teacher Pay Teachers store. Just click on the product covers to go straight to them! “Who Do You See?” is the one you can get for FREE!

Community Helpers Songs for Preschool

Community Helpers Songs for Preschool


More Community Helpers Resources!

My Teachers Pay Teachers store has a whole section of resources that will help you round out your community helpers theme! Check them out!

Community Helpers Songs for Preschool


Community Helpers Songs for Preschool


Community Helpers Songs for Preschool


Community Helpers Songs for Preschool


More Circle Time Activities!

If you love circle time as much as I do, you might also want to check out these posts about some of my other circle time ideas and activities!

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If you and your kiddos love these ideas and activities as much as mine do, help me out a little by sharing them! And drop a comment to let me know how you’re using them in your own classroom!

Happy Teaching!

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