Hopefully by now you’ve seen my Thanksgiving circle time games for letters & sounds, and the ones I have for numbers & counting! So, now we can round out your collection with these fun Thanksgiving-themed games for colors, shapes, and visual discrimination! They are super easy to prep and super simple to play! They are great for your kiddos who may be needing some extra practice with these basic skills, but ALL of your kiddos will have fun playing them!


Turkey Wore His Brown Feathers

If you know the song, “Mary Wore Her Red Dress” then this one will be familiar to you! You’ll want to start off by teaching your kiddos the song:

Turkey wore his brown feathers, brown feathers, brown feathers.
Turkey wore his brown feathers all day long!

Once they know the song, you’re ready to play! Lay the turkey cards out on the floor in the middle of your circle.

Thanksgiving Circle Time Games: Colors & Shapes


Pass the different colored feathers out to your kiddos and sing the first verse of the song.

Thanksgiving Circle Time Games: Colors & Shapes


Once you’re done singing, everyone who has a brown feather finds the brown turkey and lays the feathers on it. Sing again but choose a different color. You can keep going until you’ve done all the colors or until you feel like it’s time to move on to the next activity!

Thanksgiving Circle Time Games: Colors & Shapes


Turkey Shapes Stand Up

Thanksgiving Circle Time Games: Colors & Shapes

How cute are these turkey shapes??? Just pass them out to your kiddos, and you’re ready to play! This one has a song too:

If your turkey is a circle, please stand up.
If your turkey is a circle, please stand up.
If your turkey is a circle, hold it up and turn around.
If your turkey is a circle, please sit down.

It’s really pretty simple. Just sing, have the kiddos with that shape stand up, and sing again! You can keep going until you run out of time or until you’ve done all the shapes!


What’s Missing?

This visual discrimination game is tons of fun, and your kiddos will love to play in in centers once you’ve taught them how to play! If you have play food and dishes in your classroom, you’ll want to round up some of those for this game. (If not, don’t worry! I’ve got printable ones that will work just fine!) The first time you play, start with one food item for each year old your kiddos are. For example, if you teach 4-year-olds, you’ll want to start with 4 food items. Put them on the plate where all of your kiddos can see them. Talk about each item and give them 15-20 seconds to study the plate.

Thanksgiving Circle Time Games: Colors & Shapes

Have them all close their eyes and remove one food item from the plate. Have them all open their eyes and sing the song together:

Oh, something is missing, is missing, is missing.
Oh something is missing from our Thanksgiving plate!

Choose a kiddo to tell you which food item is missing. Play again and the kiddo who guessed the right food item be the next one to choose which one to remove. Once they’ve got it down, add more food items to make it more challenging! You can always add flatware too!


If you want to make these games yourself, they are all pretty simple! You are absolutely more than welcome to use the songs and make your own turkeys and feathers and shapes and food! (Just please give me credit with a link back to this post if you share about it online!) But, if you want to just print and go, all three of these are in my TPT store in a set for only ONE DOLLAR!! Just click the product cover to go grab your own copy! (But make sure you read all the way to the bottom before you do!)

Thanksgiving Circle Time Games: Colors & Shapes


And, make sure you check out my other two sets of Thanksgiving circle time games!

Thanksgiving Circle Time Games: Letters & Sounds

Thanksgiving Circle Time Games: Numbers & Counting


AND… here’s the best part! If you want to get them all, I’ve got a bundle that will save you 25%!! Just click on the product cover to get all of them!

Thanksgiving Circle Time Games: Colors & Shapes


Make sure you leave me a comment to let me know how you’re using these circle time games in your own classroom! I can’t wait to hear from you!


Happy Teaching!


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