Happy fall, y’all!! I’m so excited to be sharing some of my fall circle time games with you! (even though it still feels like summer here in north Texas!) And… I’m excited to announce that my circle time game sets have been so incredibly popular, I’m expanding what I’m offering! This is just the first of my fall circle time games, and these games are all about letters & sounds! The first two are two of my favorite circle time games! I love them! The kiddos always love them! And they work with EVERY theme! The third one is new and is a Mrs. A original! I think it is my favorite in this set, so I’m saving it for last!


Acorns, Acorns on the Ground

If you keep up with my posts or products, you know how much I love “on the ground” games! They are fantastic for working on letter sounds, and your kiddos will just think they are playing a fun game! Playing is super simple! You need acorn shapes with the letters written on them. Teach your kiddos this chant:

Fall Alphabet Circle Time Games


Spread all the acorns out on the floor. After you say the chant together, choose one of your kiddos to pick an acorn and tell you the sound that the letter makes. That’s it! It’s that simple! But, it’s SO much fun to play!


Acorn Munch!

This is another favorite of mine! Just like “Acorns, Acorns, on the Ground,” it works with any theme, and the kiddos LOVE it! For this one, you will need some jumbo craft sticks (I like the colored ones) and Velcro dots. You’ll also need two sets of shapes to put on the end of the craft sticks with the Velcro dots: acorns with the letters written on them and squirrels with the word “Munch!” written on them.

Fall Alphabet Circle Time Games


Once you have the sticks ready, put them all into a can or container with the picture side down so that your kiddos can’t see which stick they’re choosing. Pass the can around the circle and let each kiddo pull out a stick when it’s their turn. If they pull out a letter, they tell you the name of the letter. If they are right, they get to keep it. (If they aren’t right, help them until they are so they are successful!) BUT… if they pull our a squirrel stick, everyone says, “Munch! Munch!” All the acorn sticks have to go back into the can because the squirrel ate all the acorns. You can keep going for as long as your kiddos are engaged or until you run out of time.


Squirrel in the Tree

Now for may favorite one in this set! I love this game because it gets your kiddos up and moving, and they will be super engaged because they will all want a turn to be the squirrel! To get ready for this one, you just need squirrels with the letters written on them and the chant. Lay the squirrels on the floor (face down) and teach your kiddos the chant.

Fall Alphabet Circle Time Games

Now you’re ready to go! Choose one kiddo to be the “squirrel.” Choose a place in your room to be the “tree.” The squirrel takes a letter card and goes to the tree. Say the chant together with the rest of your kiddos. When you are done, the squirrel comes back and shows the letter card to all the kiddos. They can either tell you the name of the letter together, or you can choose someone to tell you. If they get it right, the squirrel gives back the letter by putting it back into the pile. Choose a new squirrel and play again!


You are welcome to create any of these games for your class with your own resources! (All I ask is that you give me credit if you post about it online!) But, here’s the good news! You can get all three in a single file in my TPT store for only ONE DOLLAR!! They are full color and ready to print! Get your set by clicking this image:

Fall Alphabet Circle Time Games

I’ve also got several other circle time sets! Just click HERE to see what’s currently available!

I’ve also got lots of pumpkins resources that will be great to use along with these circle time games! Use the links below to check them out!


Stay tuned for more fall circle time games! And make sure you subscribe to my email list for more great ideas, activities, and FREEBIES!! Email me at stephanie@mrsasroom.org to find out how!


Happy Teaching!!


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