Dr. Seuss’ birthday is March 2nd, and his books make such a fun classroom theme! There are so many fun activities you can do as a part of a Dr. Seuss unit, but one of my favorite things to do is to get the kiddos using words from the stories they hear! These Dr. Seuss word cards are the perfect way to do that! Here’s how I like to use them.


Word Card Rings

Dr. Seuss Word Cards

The first way I get the kiddos writing about the books is by using word cards on rings. I print, cut, and laminate the words cards. Then I punch holes in them and put them on a ring. (I like to use THIS kind of ring for these!) They go in the writing center, but they give the kiddos so many options! They can take the whole ring to a quiet spot in the room and use them to write. They can take the cards off the ring and just find the one they want to use. They can even use magnetic letters to build the words!


Pocket Chart Words

Dr. Seuss Word Cards

These same word cards can also go in a pocket chart! The kiddos can search for different letters in them. They can look for the words in the books as they read. They can hunt for a specific letter in the words. But, my favorite is to add some fun pointers and just let the kiddos read the word cards! (THESE pointers are always a hit!)


Portable Word Wall

Dr. Seuss Word Cards

These one-page word lists are fantastic because they are small and they can go anywhere. Hang them in the writing center or the reading center for your kiddos to reference as they’re reading or writing. Make a copy for each kiddo to keep in a morning tub or book box, and they can practice reading the words. The single-page format makes it super easy to give your kiddos access to the words pretty much anywhere in your classroom!


Get Your Own Set!

You can easily make your own word cards to go with “Green Eggs and Ham” or “The Cat in the Hat.” But, if you want to save some time, go grab your own set in my TPT store! Just click on the product covers below to go straight to them!

Dr. Seuss Word Cards


Dr. Seuss Word Cards


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Happy Teaching!


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