"I Can" Statements for Preschool

I don’t know about you, but I’m required to have my learning objectives posted in my room each day. Most principals and districts require it for kinder and up, but some people look at pre-k differently. So, you may not have to post yours. If you don’t, you’re lucky!

I do have to post mine, and I’m always looking for the most efficient way to do things. I wanted to have cards with “I Can” statements that I could print, put on book rings, and hang up with magnetic hooks on my white board. Then all I have to do is flip each set of cards to the right objective each day. Easy peasy, right?

Well… not really. I’ve noticed that for other grade levels, you can go on TPT and just buy “I Can” statements that are based on your state standards or Common Core. They’re cute, they’re colorful, and most importantly, they’re already DONE!! I searched and searched, but I couldn’t find anything for pre-k.

So… I decided to make them myself. (And it turned out to be a MUCH bigger project than I thought it would be!) They’re based on the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines, and they’re color-coded to match each section. (I’m a little OCD about organizational things, so that’s just how my brain thinks!) I also did them two ways. The first is taken straight from the wording of the actual guidelines. But, since I wanted a version that my kiddos can understand, I also did a set in kid-friendly language. I can’t wait to get them up in my room! You can grab your own in my TPT store by clicking the links below! You can also get the book rings and magnetic hooks that I use from Amazon.

“I Can” Statements for Social and Emotional Development


“I Can” Statements for Language and Communication


“I Can” Statements for Early Literacy: Reading


“I Can” Statements for Early Literacy: Writing


“I Can” Statements for Math


“I Can” Statements for Science


“I Can” Statements for Social Studies


I hope these are as helpful for you as they are for me!!

Happy teaching!!

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  1. I paid for the bundle, downloaded it, and received the following message: Unable to expand “_BUNDLE_All 7 Sets of _I Can_Statements for Pre-K and Preschool.zip” into “Downloads”.

  2. Hmmm… that’s strange. Do you have a program on your computer that will extract files from a zipped folder?

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